We're still getting PCW ready for the world. If you would like to help, see our Table of Contents, To Do, and How to Write for PCW.

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Post-Collapse Wiki

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A Wiki dedicated to life after a Collapse.

We are brand-new, and just defining our scope and guidelines. If you want to help, please register and start with How to Write for PCW.

It is suggested you install an iReader like plug-in to your web browser for easier reading. Chrome, Firefox


Urgent Priorities

This page will is just a To Do list of the thing that need to happen before this Wiki is presentable.

And in no particular order

  • A guide on how to download and view the wiki for offline reading (We need this!)[1]
  • The Table of Contents needs to be fleshed out (in progress)
  • The layout and visual design need to be decided upon (see discussion tab)
  • Make a PCW Logo
  • Create a favicon (see discussion tab) (Pending access to CPanel and FTP.)
  • Create a model article which can serve as a template for future articles
  • Create a FAQ for new users
  • Create a nice front page (in progress)
  • Categorize pages

Feel free to add more.

You can edit this list by editing the To Do page.

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